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Beamline Information

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Beamline Information

Beamline Name NSRRC TPS 05A
 Beamline Website TPS 05A Beamline
 Owner/Operator  NSRRC/PX Group
 Operational (general use)  Yes, Since Sep., 2016 .
 %Time available (general use)  80%
 Beamtime Schedule
 Experiments  MAD, SAD, Monochromatic & Microbeam
 Source  A 3m in-vaccum Undulator (IU22)
 Ring Current (mA)  300 mA
 Average Beam Lifetime  Infinite Under NSRRC Top-up Conditions
 Energy Range  5.7 - 20 keV ( 2.26 Å - 0.862Å)
 Energy Resolution  2.2 x 10E(-4)
 Spot Size  FWHM: 0.065 mm (H) x 0.036 mm (V)
 Optics  LN2-Cooled Fixed-Exit Double
 Crystal Si(111) Monochromator , A Pair of K-B Focusing Mirrors
 Flux  2.7 x 10E(12)
 Flux Detailed  Flux Measured Through a 0.05 mm Round Aperture @ 12.65 keV
 Wavelength Min ( Å )  0.62
 Wavelength Max ( Å )  2.26
 Monochromator  LN2-Cooled, Fixed-Exit Double Crystal Monochromator
 Crystal Type  Si(111)
 Mirrors  Rh Coated
 Mirror Cutoff  15.5 keV
 Special Capabilities  Automated Sample Mounting
 Goniometer  Arinax Microdiffractometer MD2
 Pin Length  Manual Sample Mounting: No Restrictions
 Automated Sample Mounting: 14 - 18 mm
 Restrictions  Omega No Limit 
 Xtal-detector Distance  100 - 900 mm
 Detector  Rayonix MX300HS CCD Area Detector
 Detector Details  Inter-Frame Total Dead Time: 0.066s
 2theta Range  Vertical Offset +  mm, -  mm
 Horizontal Offset +/-  mm
 Cryo Capability  Oxford Instrument CryoJet, ~110 K @ Sample
 Biohazard  BL-1
 Software  Blu-Ice Control Software, HKL/HKL2000, XDS, BEST, Strategy, RADDOSE3D, CHOOCH, KAMO 
 Hardware  1 2-CPU SGI Octane2s, 3 4-CPU PC/Linux Server, 1 Shared
 12-CPU SGI Origin3800 Server, Shared 2.0 TB SGI Fiber
 Channel Raid System

 Backup Devices

 USB2.0 / IEEE1394 Portable Disk

Station Photos

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Fast Area CCD Area Detector                              All-in-one Microdiffractometer


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Close View of Sample Surrounding                         Experimental Control Area        


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