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Common Hardware

To reduce the learning curve of the users under a highly heterogeneous experimental environment, all BioNSRRCs stations have a uniform user environment that achieves a high level of experimental automation and utilizes state-of-the-art area detector technology. Some of the hardware and software are developed by the Macromolecular Crystallography Group of SSRL, such as automated sample mounting system, cassette loading tools, X-ray sensor beamstop, and Blu-Ice/DCSS data acquisition system.

  • Goniometer:
    • Huber Single Phi-axis goniometer, horizontal rotation axis. Vertical translation of detector as pseudo-two theta motion.
  • Sample Viewing Video:
    • Optronics Model LE-470 Color CCD remote head camera with 6 composite and S-Video cables. The sample camera uses a zoom lens enabling the experimenter to zoom in and out while centering the crystal in the x-ray beam.
  • Heating Shield:
    • Heat shield is installed on the goniometer head between the sample and the phi axis. It protects the phi axis from over cooling and ice formation.
  • X-ray Beamstop:
    • Beamstop blocks the direct beam to protect the detector and reduce the background signals.
  • Microscope:
    • Leica MZ95 stereomicroscope with color CCD camera.
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