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Beamline Information

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Beamline Name NSRRC BL13C1
 Beamline Website
 Owner/Operator  NSRRC/PX Group
 Operational (general use)  Yes, Since Feb. 21th , 2006 .
 %Time available (general use)  80%
 Beamtime Schedule
 Experiments  Monochromatic & SAD
 Source  28 Poles, 6 cm Period Length Superconducting Wiggler
 Ring Current (mA)  300 mA
 Average Beam Lifetime  Infinite Under NSRRC Top-up Conditions
 Energy Range  12.7 keV ( 0.975 Å )
 Energy Resolution  8 x 10E(-4)
 Spot Size  FWHM: 0.68 mm (H) x 0.15 mm (V)
 Optics  Vertically Focusing Mirror, Horizontally Focusing Single Crystal
 Si(111) Bent Monochromator
 Flux  4 x 10E(10)
 Flux Detailed  Flux Measured Through a 0.2 mm Round Aperture @ 12.7 keV
 Wavelength Min ( Å )  0.975
 Wavelength Max ( Å )  0.975
 Monochromator  Horizontally Focusing Single Crystal Monochromator
 Crystal Type  Si(111)
 Mirrors  Rh Coated
 Mirror Cutoff  15 keV
 Special Capabilities  Automated Sample Mounting
 Goniometer  Huber Single Axis Goniometer
 Pin Length  Manual Sample Mounting: No Restrictions
 Automated Sample Mounting: 14 - 18 mm
 Restrictions  Omega +/- 720 degree
 Xtal-detector Distance  110 - 900 mm
 Detector  ADSC Quantum-315r CCD Area Detector
 Detector Details  Inter-Frame Total Dead Time: 4s
 2theta Range  Vertical Offset + 230 mm, 0 mm
 Horizontal Offset +/- 80 mm
 Cryo Capability  Oxford Instrument CryoJet, ~110 K @ Sample
 Biohazard  BL-1
 Software  Blu-Ice Control Software, HKL/HKL2000, Strategy, CHOOCH
 Hardware  1 2-CPU SGI Octane2s, 2 4-CPU PC/Linux Server, 1 Shared
 12-CPU SGI Origin3800 Server, Shared 2.0 TB SGI Fiber
 Channel Raid System
 Backup Devices  USB2.0 / IEEE1394 Portable Disk

►Station Photos

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BL13C1 Mono Experimental Station           Close View of Sample Surrounding
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    Crystal Handling Area                                Experimental Control Area
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