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Beamline Automation

The Stanford Automated Mounting(SAM) robot allows the users to mount crystals from the Blu-Ice interface. This system is critical for high-throughput crystal screening and remote user access.

►Videos of beamline automation

►Lectures of Remote Crystallography Workshop (2014.12.2~3)

►How to use SAM to collect data for you

  1. You must have available beamtime. Check your beamtime here.
  2. Contact anyone of the beamline managers one week in advance of scheduled beamtime to make sure the SAM is available and provide your contact information (preferably a cell phone).
  3. Read the manual (Sample Preparation and Shipping) carefully for detailed instructions.
  4. Download spreadsheet template for cassette or puck.
  5. Modify the file name according to the file name template:
  {container_type}_{beamline}_{beamtime start time: yyyy/mm/dd/hh}_{user name}.xls
  For example: puck_13C_2010052609_mary.xls, cassette_13B_2010110317_john.xls.
  6. Load sample pins (Hampton magnetic CrystalCap is recommended) into cassette or puck, and edit the spreadsheet accordingly.
  7. Upload your spreadsheet at least one week ahead of your beamtime. If the upload failed, check the format of your file and upload again. Check here for more details.
  8. Put the cassettes or pucks into shipping dewar, and Fedex or carry it to NSRRC one day ahead of your beamtime (make sure the arrival time is office hour, otherwise there will be no manager available to handle your dewar).
  9. The support staff will load the cassettes or pucks into SAM dewar, and you will be informed about the cassette/puck positions in the dewar.
  10. After all the cassettes/pucks have been probed, you will be granted permission to use the beamline.
  11. Now you can start screening crystal or collecting data using Blu-Ice locally or remotely.

The Stanford Automatic Mounter (SAM), Blu-Ice/DCSS, Web-Ice, and Remote Access Tools are developed by the Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) Group at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory. We appriciate MX group very much for the technical transfer.

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