►SP44XU Beamtime for Taiwan Users

Through the international collaboration project amoung Academia Sinica, NSRRC and Osaka University, 25% valuable beamtime of BL44XU at SPring-8 is available for Taiwan users since 2010. BL44XU is specially designed to collect high quality X-ray diffraction data from biological macromolecular assemblies with large unit cell, e.g. protein complexes, protein-nucleic acid complexes, membrane protein complexes and viruses. The energy range is 7 ~ 17.5 keV, the beam size is 0.05(H) × 0.05(V) mm2, and the defined sample flux is 3E11 photons/s. Limited user groups with demanding experiments will be invited to use this beamline.

►Local Contact

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SP44XU Taiwan Beamtime Schedule

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