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Acknowledgment Statements

User should acknowledge the NCFB (National Core Facility for Biotechnology), NSTC (National Science and Technology Council), SPXF (Synchrotron Radiation Protein Crystallography Facility) and NSRRC (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center) in her/his publications (including academic presentation, paper, and patent).

In the Acknowledgements:

Please place the following acknowledgement in any publications resulting from work carried out at BioNSRRC facility.

We thank the technical services provided by the “Synchrotron Radiation Protein Crystallography Facility of the National Core Facility Program for Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology” and the “National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center”, a national user facility supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, ROC.

In the Experimental Method:

Please include the following information in any publications resulting from work carried out at BioNSRRC facility.

Which beamline you used:
Data were collected at beamline TPS 05A (and/or BL15A1, BL13B1, BL13C1) at NSRRC (Taiwan, ROC.)

Which detector you used:
ADSC Q315r CCD, Q210r CCD, Rayonix MX300HE CCD, MX300HS CCD, or Mar Research Mar345 IP.

Data processing software you used:
HKL-2000 or XDS

Appropriate reference for HKL-2000:

Z. Otwinowski and W. Minor, Processing of X-ray Diffraction Data Collected in Oscillation Mode, Methods in Enzymology, Volume 276: Macromolecular Crystallography, part A, p.307-326, 1997,C. W. Carter, Jr. & R. M. Sweet, Eds. Academic Press.

 Reporting Requirements

User should submit all kinds of research results (such as activity reports and publication list) to NSRRC User Administration Office and Synchrotron Radiation Protein Crystallography Facility on request.

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